A Tribute To Terry Silver

Terry Silver. A charming, brilliant, black-belt multi-millionaire and old friend of Karate Kid I’s bad guy, John Kreese. In Karate Kid Part III, Kreese shows up at Silver’s mansion, his life in shambles because of the irreversible damage Danny and Mr. Miyagi did to his Cobra Kai Dojo, which is actually owned by Terry. Silver immediately shows his quick wit and charm and makes the first order of business sending his disheartened buddy on a spare-no-expense vacation to Tahiti.

if you get, you give

While Kreese is soaking up the sun, Silver signs off on a quick chloride sludge dumping contract and then makes his new full time job revenge. Silver concocts the ultimate revenge scheme: To create a rift between Danny and his beloved mentor Mr. Miyagi. Danny who won the All-Valley Karate Tournament the previous year is talked out of defending his title by Miyagi, although it’s quite clear Danny wants to defend it and agrees not to enter only to appease Mr. Miyagi.

Mr. Silver finds and hires Karate’s Bad Boy Mike Barnes who will compete against Danny in the All Valley Tournament for the title of All Valley Champion. Word of Danny not defending his title quickly reaches Mr. Silver and he reacts immediately and appropriately. He orders Barnes along with one of his elite henchmen, “Snake”, to harass and even assault Danny until he agrees to enter the tournament. Snake is also very shrewd and striking, and is kind of a young Terry Silver.

Meanwhile Silver creates brilliant accidental run-ins with Danny and forms a personal bond with the young champion. He uses this bond as leverage to distance Danny from Mr. Miyagi. Silver offers to show Danny special techniques which Miyagi refuses to teach. When Barnes finally gets Danny to agree to enter the tournament because of the repeated harassment, Miyagi, stunningly, refuses to train his student. Danny has no choice but to turn to Mr. Silver, and take him up on his offer of free training at the Cobra Kai dojo with Silver himself.

kicking back

Silver’s training system, which he calls “Quick Silver”, is utterly brilliant. Danny is pressured by Silver to practice punching and kicking wooden boards, leaving Danny’s shins bloodied and knuckles broken. The scene of Silver training Danny in the Dojo is one of the best in the movie and it displays Silver’s raw smarts, which make it easy to believe that he’s a millionaire.

Silver continues the training over several weeks and his mind manipulation of Danny begins to affect Danny’s personal life. Once a fun and outgoing person, Danny now finds himself constantly on edge and ready to crack.

Silver devises another accidental run-in with Danny at a hot night club where Danny is taking out his main squeeze on a date. Silver secretly hires a kid from the night club to go try to dance with Danny’s girl. Not on Danny’s watch. Danny cracks the kid in the face and smashes his nose into smithereens. Silver then grabs Danny and the two take off out of the night club like a couple of bats outta hell. Danny’s life is turned upside down and he finds himself a shamble of the person he once was and his relationship with Mr. Miyagi on the rocks.

Silver finally reveals to Danny that he is in cahoots with Barnes and Kreese and Danny is completed traumatized. He brings this news to Mr. Miyagi and it rekindles his relationship with true sensei. Miyagi finally agrees to train him.

In the tournament Barnes is beating Danny to a bloody pulp. He gets a point and then does an illegal move to hurt Danny, such as a kick to the groin, and loses a point, keeping the score 0-0. He continues with the repeated pain for several minutes. Danny wants to crawl into a hole and cry his eyes out but Mr. Miyagi grabs him by his neck and shakes the shit out of him until the fear is gone.

the good life

Barnes gets screwed in overtime on some cheap move and he loses the match and then Danny and Mr. Miyagi dance around like a couple of queers.

Silver and Kreese, frustrated, then head back to Silver’s mansion for a pool party bash but Barnes is not invited.

Although he couldn’t finish the job, Silver came closer to destroying the Daniel-san/Miyagi duo than anyone in history. Even without winning the tournament Silver has made a lasting impact on Danny, who still suffers from nightmares to this day.

Mr. Terry Silver is one of the greatest, most innovative, masterminds of all time.

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