we already have death panels

i still don’t get how its bad…

this whole idea of government providing a basic level of health care

aka the “public option”

lets think about

post office, fedex, ups, dhl, etc…

all of these companies ship things, letters, packages

you (the consumer) get to pick from a lineup of potential suitors

the cheapest way to go is… goverment

whereas the other options are more expensive but provide alot more than the cheapest govt run plan…

online tracking, am delivery, same day, etc…

i think the point of the matter is that


govt run plan = the goal is to provide the best whatever (in healthcare the best “care”) at the lowest cost possible, without sacrificing the person factor… ethics and morals

it seems like capitalism is much more greedy than government in the case of insurance, and maybe everything

like think about it

stock holders always want more more more more more…

the rich get richer

they are so separated from what is actually happening that they dont even care

you could be raping grandmothers and getting the stock price up 20% and they dont care

they dont know most of the time

that may be the problem… the separation

like for example, for a health insurance company to make a profit for a quarter on wall street

lets say a potential scenario may be that

they have to drop 5,000 people that have diabetes to avoid later costs because these people are considered  “high risk” by their actuaries

the big difference here seems to be morals and ethics

capitalism vs government

greed vs ethics

sometimes, it does seem like that

the government which is run by the people

(voting people of all classes and backgrounds)

typically wants ethics involved in these types of things (fire fighters, police, education (schools and colleges), post office, road systems, etc…)

these types of things should be included with the taxes we pay

these things are important, expected ways of life

the government already does a lot of things, all of which society is in general agreement that some form of it should exist

the government provides a form

that principal, that idea, says government should establish a baseline, and with that, a level of ethics and morals with such a line of business

you shalt not fuck over other people in order to make a profit

shouldn’t that be the only commandment in terms of any health care industry?

the obvious answer is yes

but who the fuck runs this industry?

not normal people… greedy people who dont even know what type of decisions are being made to get that stock price up 10 points

they are looking at the bottom line

up or down?

up or down?

up or down?

fuck everything else…

the economy

which is influenced most heavily by wealthy people (large corporations and wealthy individuals) who are primarily seeking the most profit possible for their cause, even at cost of ethics proves you need to strike a balance

profit vs ethics

is it right to 1) be richer 2) help someone else live a longer life

the current model of health care in america says the rich should get richer and drop that high risk person

so the balance in any kind of capitalistic society is actually greed vs ethics

you need to keep ’em honest

you know? anyone for that matter…

balance those greedy fucks with something that keeps them bound to an ethical code

keep them honest though, right?

greedy fucks

i can totally understand and relate to valid points against providing health care as a standard

1) super high costs of such a health care system

how the fuck are we going to pay for something that sounds ridiculously expensive????

good question

this was addressed early on by obama… his whole “digitize healthcare” push

we are “spending too much money on paper books and old outdated systems”

and various other ideas about how to save on current costs

but interestingly enough, the health care debate took an unexpected turn…

twitter started twating [sic haha] all over

instead of focusing on

“great idea. but how can we possibly afford something like providing health care to all americans??? i love it but its way too expensive”

the opponents took the approach of

“they want to decide whether or not elderly people can get coverage… form these things called death panels…”


isn’t that what happens today in society with current insurance companies???

we already have death panels

you dumb fucks…

consider this:

“sorry you have type 2 diabeties. you are a high risk patient and your insurance will now cost an extra $100 a month or we will have to drop you”

becky, not being able to afford the extra $100 a month, dropped her coverage

how is that right?

isn’t health care one of very few things in our society that should be protected?

i bet a lot of people dont know that fire fighters were originally a privately owned industry

oh yeah

in the early days,

if your house was burning down,

you had to subscribe to the “fire figther service”

there was none of this 911 is free bullshit

you gotta pay for your 911 or no one is coming


btw i think gibbs did a good job defending it today… tough job man

moral of the story is:

competition is good

you dont normally think you’d have to explain that to republicans.

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