i tend to leave extra long voicemails to friends and family, which basically repeat information and contain some dumb rambling about nothing.

after the first minute or so i usually realize i’m retarded talking to a machine and i wrap up the call quickly, but i still feel like an ass.

now comes the key:

i’m going to keep on leaving my stupid rambling voice mails (and some have been know to go on for several minutes) but at the end of the message i am going to state the following:

“if you have listened to this whole message you may claim a prize of $5 from me. Access code: 2000. Offer expires tomorrow.”

once word gets out the game will change. sometimes there will be no prize and i will mock you for listening to the whole pointless message. you will have wasted your time and feel embarrassed.

but is it worth the risk for a few dollars?

the choice is yours

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