“trust me on this one”

cooking shows are pretty popular, they even have their own network.

i want a new show on the cooking network that has a chef who sabotages the dinner at the end

basically picture the chef as being very friendly and liking. you may even share a few laughs with the chef at home. he has a towel on his shoulder and looks like a legit chef.

then at the end of the show, you’re about to put whatever you’re making in the oven or finalize it and the chef has a rather unusual request.

“OK now go back and grab the vinegar one more time,” “Trust me on this one.”

Every show he’ll get at least one new person.

Then at the end he rubs it in, “Hey if you did that at home what the fuck is wrong with you? Vinegar? All over macaroni and cheese? Are you stupid?”

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