the undetectable virus: hibernating virus

here’s how a virus could maybe be undetectable

say you upload a pirated application to or something like that

you could easily write an application and attach it to the installer so it looks like just the installer happened… nothing else

meanwhile in the background you’ve installed some kind of a trojan backdoor

but not just any kind of backdoor. this is an intelligent one, looking to avoid detection for the longest time possible

so it waits and sees when the computer is really not in use… and then after capturing patterns it eventually becomes available to the attacker

so as a virus, make sure you don’t ever interfere with the user and you’re good. thats what i think at least would make a pretty damn good virus

i mean you can send 100 million spam messages with the machine while they’re gone but when they come back…

dead stop

machine is back 100% to the user… now that program is just waiting for the next idle time

if it never bothered you, you’d never notice

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