is the best show ever.

unintentional comedy at its finest. this hick guy odell is selling knives and telling stories that have no bearing on everything. here is something he said about the knives live on this qvc show (picture a hick accent reading this):

“last summer… these knives were given to boy scouts in the greater american area to go out live and field test these knives…… the knives stood up, the knives put up, and the knives passed all the tests in the field and come out with…… (wicked awkward pause) ….flying col (pause) ers… as far as ah what we consider to be a hot, hot, selling item. ”

this is a show on nightly on the INFO channel on Directv. i very highly recommend it, tivo a season pass

if you would like to see what you are missing, see odell starring in an episode below:

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