The bottom line is this

Thursday, October 07, 2010

10:48 PM

Article is called:

My Dad found out he likes video games today…



Screen clipping taken: 10/7/2010 10:47 PM

The point is:

The consensus taken over a certain period of time

Take for example these comments.

From the average viewer’s standpoint they are good comments (at least in this screen capture at 10:28pm)

Of what people thought at the time of this.

The effect that time has on this conversation is ridiculous

For example I would venture to say that time goes very fast

But imagine that instead

Digg, reddit, etc… they all depend on users helping promote the best stories and also getting great commentary on the specific story or event. This is user driven and unique content that typically come from an educated commentator but some jackasses are abound. Either way you get some related unique content which is ridiculous.

That is why I, unfortunately have to conclude that, the next thing we shall see (or are already seeing) is robots that generate unique content to fool us into thinking they are unique content.

Why not for example

Bottom line is this…

Picture a news source like google news

Or imagine you are able to consume your own news feed (pick the news sites)

And then generate unique and interesting conversation about the topic. Picture some election happens and there is some discussion and opinion.

And also expose the discussion widely as possible on the interwebs

The next big thing is having news that can be heard and automatically discussed with good points… aka like ‘jeez about time she got divorced!’

But imagine if some A.I. could have a back and forth discussion that made sense about a given topic. Eventually learning a history of that persons previous discussions and forming and opinion on them

Like… douchbaggiefactor

If a computer could decide that would take away some of the awkwardness

But seriously

Computers that can talks about whatever… with limited knowledge (and where possible slip in some of that knowledge) is the way of the future. Look out San Diego!!!!

(always wanted to say that)

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