take the power away from the banks

fuck the banks

seriously. for too long american people have just allowed banks to hold their money, while providing minimum returns and then themselves generating massive profits (and losses) at our expense.

i dont know about you all but i am pretty fucking sick of this model.

i love capitalism but i have to ask what is next?

what is next?

well let’s start from the top.

banks are a key part of the financial system… they are deeply embedded with government and loaning from the federal reserve.

in addition they handle our checking accounts, savings accounts and 401ks. Not to mention all the potential stock portfolios or investment accounts that one might have.

how can we get the current wild west under control?

if you dont think the banks need to be held to higher standards then they currently are i would ask you to looks at the eurozone situation and the economy of the last many years…. this is not driven by the citizens, it is driven by the greedyness and unlimited freedom at our expense.


and when i say “our expense” i mean as a tax paying american i give a good amount of my income to the government and i expect certain things in return.

banks are old school. they fucking suck.
what is next?
what the fuck is next?

i want / need some kind of a banking + investment revolution… i mean c’mon, don’t treat me like i don’t know anything… i have google.

bottom line:
banking and investment regulation in the united states is not adequate. we have seen that lack of regulation = “creative investors” thinking up “wild scenarios”

we need regulation to keep human nature and greed from getting the better of human kind.

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