sizing it up online

when you’re online, usually you dont like to read alot on the screen.

unless its great like this blog. (cheap joke)

btw, thats why i always space things out so much. isn’t it much eaiser and quicker to read?

anywho, the point is this:

online when you come across an article you size it up (with or without knowing) very quickly

here’s a few things you take inventory on (subconsciously):

  1. url address
    1. is this a legit site like or is it
  2.  layout of the site
    1. is he clean?
    2. if he is, let him in and tell him to take his shoes off. (movie reference?)
  3. title of the article
    1. snappy words
    2. cool topic
  4. author of the article
    1. ever heard of em?
    2. whats their title / position
  5. quick skim of article
    1. have i read this?
    2. how does it look?

you may not realize it, but you’re sizing it up too. christ i bet you just did it before you read this.

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