ok i am assuming if you read this blog you are fairly tech saavy… well played you dog!

think about how many times a day you search on the internet

a lot. i had google history on for a while but it was pretty interesting + weird + scary.

100+ searches on google a day was not untypical for me.

cool feature, but i removed it because i don’t like the idea of it being used for no good… sad but true.

i was just thinking… enjoying life… whats next?

what is next?

i dont know. it seems like i will know when it hits me.

this is the time when you need to seize the moment and capitalize

seems like it will show itself to me… but alas, sometimes the joy of my life can interfere with the advancement

(ps i am not serious with that… what a dbag!?!?)

i do feel like i am still searching for that “meaning” like “how will i help?”

keep searching.

i feel like you need to keep searching… eventually you’ll know what you were meant to do.

like henry david thoureau said

“go confident in the directions of your dreams. live the life you’ve imagined.”

well played henry. well played.



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