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following up my email joke etitquette article i’d like to propose a solution to the problem.

to recap:

it is difficult to gauge joke responses online. when you write a funny email to a group, you dont know if its funny or not to others because its not in real time, so they don’t feel pressured to respond.

this leaves jokesters who want to know how their jokes did, up the creek without a paddle…

until now

what if you could select (highlight) text and then assign a comedic value to that piece of text.

like for example how you use the bold and italics commands in word. but instead of font styling this is joke rating.

so a document might have ten jokes which were chosen and rated by a reader. it is important that the reader select what they think is funny on their own because some people find things funny that others dont and vice versa.

also readers can insert their own comments easily, or add to a joke. “yeah no shit man”, “no no no, imagine him throwing up all over….”, etc..

then your document could get a rating for the average of all the joke scores. like an overall lol2.5, or an lol3, etc…

well, glad we solved that one today. if anyone does this i want one million dollars.

UPDATE: hmmm this already exists, or close to it:


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