post 9/11 flight hijacking – not gonna happen

ok al queda [SIC] (i know its spelt wrong and i could give a fuck)
you got your successful hijacking and murdered many innocent people.
now if you think its going to be easy to hijack another set of airplanes and repeat… i got news for you (as my dad would say) …
“aint gonna happen”

people across the world saw the type of bullshit hijackers are up to at this point. this is the latest game terrorists play.

1. hijack planes
2. fly them into buildings

people are now always assuming that is likely the case (especially in the united states) and what happens is a mass revolt from passengers
there is no chance a repeat of a 9/11 type event on us soil because simply the people wont allow it. there will be a mass revolt of any attempted hijacking period.
sure there are plenty of other security issues and things the us needs to improve to protect itself against terrorists and foreign enemies,however the plane situation (other than checked lugage) i think is straight.
aint no one, hijackin no plane, no mo’, in the u s of a.

we need to focus a little bit less on the last threat and a little bit more on the next threat.




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