pits, nips and junk. my one month marathon.

less than a month ago i decided to run the seattle marathon. basically it gave me about 5 weeks to train. we’ll just call it a month.

i just ran my farthest ever distance today… 19.02 miles and it didnt hurt too much. key was a slower starting pace. and lube.

the worst thing i have discovered about running extra long distances is noticing areas of your body hurt quite a bit when chaffed.

pits, nips and junk. mother-fucking-painful.

i figured out the junk part fast enough. after a half marathon i had this red chaffing that burned like shit in my grundle area. very unpleasant.

the fix for this type of chaffing is vasoline. you basically lather up areas that are subject to chaffing and then it glides with vasoline, which is oil, petroleum jelly.

so when i started training i would apply gobs of vasoline to my grundle area. this worked great, no chaffing during my runs.

then once i ratched up the distance… run number 6 was 15 miles… mother of fuck my nips.

you have no idea how painful a bloody, chaffed nipple is until you have one. surprisingly painful is a shower with chaffed nipples. i dont know what it is but mother fucking painful.

so i lather up nips and junk. turns out after my next run there is another area that also chaffs like a bitch and is very painful… pits

i guess the back and forth motion of your arms so many times can chaff your arm pits… badly. its so bad that 3 days after my run, still, walking around irritates the pit chaffing and it hurts. (tip vasoline helps with the recovery as well)… showers are very painful.

this is also very frustrating because a victory shower is a great thing. sucks when your victory shower is a painful experience, trying to block your chaffed nips and pits from hitting the water directly.

so the moral of the story is (for the red people out there):

  • i am running a marathon with one month of training. did 19 miles today. ouch.
  • chaffing from running fucking sucks. pits nips and junk are areas to vasoline up
  • victory showers damaged by chaffing we will discuss these in a future post
and for all the green people out there, don’t want to leave you out, watch this video.

here is todays 19 miler.

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