today is a special day

there are many reasons why june 1st, 2012 is a special day.

a layman might say

“well good sir. washington state opened up its doors to private liquor sales, to the applaud of the local voters.”

surprisingly though, there is no savings… in fact, liquor is now more expensive.

today is a special day though

now the safeway < 5 minute walk from my place has liquor + beer + wine + food = great

internet, please, i beg you, mirror everything

only true internet = self contained

mirror all content

we the people, simply cannot rely on government nor others to help protect freedom of speech. these items are in many ways freedom of speech, dispite what so called “copy infringement” they might have.

let’s say you have a blog on the internet. (check)

you write a post an link to a hilarious video on youtube (check)

youtube removes the post due to a “copyright infringement” (check)

your blog post loses context and value, thus discrediting a legitimate share able experience

there is absolutely 100% a first amendment right to copy and post a video, music or document when you are reporting on the story of reporting on the story.

all video, music, images, text… do not rely on source!!! mirrors should be allowed to exist.

we need the ability to copy information to ensure the message is able to be transmitted.

transmitting the information has never been the problem. the issue is “pirating” content… no, you are just extending the user base. here is an example…

i would argue that this blog post, which referenced content that was once available on youtube, linking to the video (such as showing a vhs recording to a friend) would constitstue fair use. now that the video on youtube has been removed, my blog post doesn’t really have any context.

call me crazy but i think we have a first amendment right to show what we see to others?!? i mean really, if i view this content my eyes are supposed to give money back? wtf?

the industry needs to think of content differently in the digital age and it seems like the current approach only splinters the ecosystem further. we need to find a means between ourselves to get paid (where payment is due) and get recognition where that is due. i think the industry acting like piracy doesnt help their own cause at all is a little bit like the blind leading the blind… as my buddy bdog would say.

any blog post i have going forward i will link to the content and save it locally… aka mirror. i think it is fair use. i’ve seen too many of my old posts lose context. should some company think otherwise, i am always willing to listen but i will work with my lawyer and use this first amendment protection argument as a starter for our case.

my education bill

we need a full revamp of teaching.

we are smart. we do this with the existing system in place.

build up infrastructure, people and system. then we retire the old system.

imagine we set up side-by-side schools with full staff… side by side means there is the public school system (which we are looking to reform) and we build new schools (or revamp existing) and hire new administration, new rules, huge pay increases, incentives, bonuses, but definitely no more fucking tenor.

teachers should be competing. not relaxing. they are raising our children.

seriously! why should some shitty teacher get to present powerpoints to your kids and call that teaching?

tenor for teachers? is anyone for keeping around doctors who kill patients? no. why should we let bad teachers hang around and kill the future leaders of our country?

high paying. high demanding. this is what we need for people to teach our children.



pits, nips and junk. my one month marathon.

less than a month ago i decided to run the seattle marathon. basically it gave me about 5 weeks to train. we’ll just call it a month.

i just ran my farthest ever distance today… 19.02 miles and it didnt hurt too much. key was a slower starting pace. and lube.

the worst thing i have discovered about running extra long distances is noticing areas of your body hurt quite a bit when chaffed.

pits, nips and junk. mother-fucking-painful.

i figured out the junk part fast enough. after a half marathon i had this red chaffing that burned like shit in my grundle area. very unpleasant.

the fix for this type of chaffing is vasoline. you basically lather up areas that are subject to chaffing and then it glides with vasoline, which is oil, petroleum jelly.

so when i started training i would apply gobs of vasoline to my grundle area. this worked great, no chaffing during my runs.

then once i ratched up the distance… run number 6 was 15 miles… mother of fuck my nips.

you have no idea how painful a bloody, chaffed nipple is until you have one. surprisingly painful is a shower with chaffed nipples. i dont know what it is but mother fucking painful.

so i lather up nips and junk. turns out after my next run there is another area that also chaffs like a bitch and is very painful… pits

i guess the back and forth motion of your arms so many times can chaff your arm pits… badly. its so bad that 3 days after my run, still, walking around irritates the pit chaffing and it hurts. (tip vasoline helps with the recovery as well)… showers are very painful.

this is also very frustrating because a victory shower is a great thing. sucks when your victory shower is a painful experience, trying to block your chaffed nips and pits from hitting the water directly.

so the moral of the story is (for the red people out there):

  • i am running a marathon with one month of training. did 19 miles today. ouch.
  • chaffing from running fucking sucks. pits nips and junk are areas to vasoline up
  • victory showers damaged by chaffing we will discuss these in a future post
and for all the green people out there, don’t want to leave you out, watch this video.

here is todays 19 miler.

reflective thinker

i took this insights training and apparently i am a reformer… combination of Red and Blue. I “am seen as a reflective thinker” so I was looking up what that meant. i like this definition, classification of things and i would say it definitely agree identifies with me. that training is good!


Reflective thinking is a series of logical rational steps based on the scientific method of defining, analyzing, and solving a problem.


“The reflective learning process

What is the role of reflection in the learning process?

Students sometimes view reflective writing as an annoying interruption to the serious business of developing content knowledge in their subject area. However, there are sound reasons why reflective writing is included in student assessment.

“Reflection is indicative of deep learning, and where teaching and learning activities such as reflection are missing… only surface learning can result.” Biggs 1999 in King 2002

Reflective writing tasks are given to students to help students learn through reflection, precisely because of the established link between reflection and deeper learning. As well as facilitating learning and monitoring learning, the intention is to produce graduates who have acquired the habit of reflection as a means of continuing to learn and grow in their professions. Reflection can lead to:

• personal growth

• professional growth

• meaningful change.
“Reflection leads to growth of the individual – morally, personally, psychologically, and emotionally, as well as cognitively”.Branch & Paranjape, 2002, p. 1187

Reflection can help you to:

• better understand your strengths and weaknesses

• identify and question your underlying values and beliefs

• acknowledge and challenge possible assumptions on which you base your ideas, feelings and actions

• recognize areas of potential bias or discrimination

• acknowledge your fears, and

• identify possible inadequacies or areas for improvement.

Reflection can lead to greater self-awareness, which in turn is a first step to positive change – it is a necessary stage in identifying areas for improvement and growth in both personal and professional contexts. Taking time to reflect can help you identify approaches that have worked well, and in that way reinforce good practice.”

minimize user input, but maximize the output

for example… uploaded picture = an action. you need a way to make people want to input

like why would i waste my time doing this type thing… unless you get something back

from the receiver of input you should strive to maximize what you can “capture” from that input. user input should be as easy and efficient as possible without sacrificing for spam and automation systems.

but if a user uploads a picture what can you do, just as an example. a user action into many more useful outputs:

  • thumbnail size photo
  • extract metadata
  • date / time
  • gps location
  • map overlay
  • other photos that were taken close by overlap
  • identify people / items in the photos
  • taggable
  • commentable
  • linkable
  • etc…
a lot of things from just one user input. maximize user input is a key of a successful product.

are you guys having an after party?

funny thing to ask someone.

why you ask? well…

in implies you dont want to go to the primary party… you just want to show up later for free drinks.

also implies you have limited interest in a person, which is smug and kind of funny

i heard a hilarious thing today. i’m going to take the liberty of paraphrasing a bit but it was something like this:

“when people piss me off i show them that i don’t give a fuck about them by calling them the wrong name on purpose.”

that is a good point. pretty funny and disrespectful to call someone by a name that is intentionally wrong / disrespectful.

lets say you called billy … buck fuck


“was that too far?”

“i think we both know it was”… alec baldwin you dog!

wtf yankees… you fucked up this year… not as bad as the red sox thankfully (LOL!) but still WTF

arod wtf? why should we keep you? too many chances, not enough prime time execution

but i digress