i never understood the whole free software thing. trust me i love it, (firefox, filezilla, xbmc, vlc, etc…) but i don’t get it.

let me explain. software developers are smart people. they have a talent, a skill, and in this world people with talents and skills get paid for them.

name me one other industry where talented people give away work for free. i dont see accountants lining up to do your taxes for free, doctors ready to treat you for free and professors willing to teach you for free. unfortunately that’s not how this world works, but developers don’t seem to care.

i understand all the benefits of sharing source code and innovating and improving with others around the globe. it’s truly amazing, case closed. but from the whole business perspective it doesn’t make sense. i guess some open source geeks just have good hearts and aren’t the most savvy business men / women… i mean if i can make a kick ass product like many of the open source ones out there, i’m gonna make money off it. daddy’s gotta eat.

its almost counter productive if you think about it… go to your software development job, work on a product, then go home and work on a free open source product in your spare time and give it away for free… ya know if you charged for your free product you might not have to go into the day job anymore and you could do what you love…

if someone can help me explain, please do… i’ve never been able to wrap my little brain around it.

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