great idea.

picture a test. random questions that you can lookup online pretty quick. like “what year was christopher columbus born?”

then you fill in the answer, next question… and go thru a list of 10 questions like that

your results are timed

it would be a good new measure of someone’s search abilities and/or strategies online

this is becoming an important skill…. but no measurements really exist

over the next week i intend to (god willing) compile a list of things to search for, hopefully as random as possible in selection (trust me i’m fucking random)

then we’ll pick a few out of the whole list and make a test.

picture timed test (math in 4th grade) versus adult timed tests (how old is bob barker?)

are we really so different?

ok i’ll admit it… i’m too lazy to make a test… thats not gonna happen.

but you can imagine what i’d be like if i did, right? right? (name the movie?)

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