on your knees for yahoo

this is ridiculous.

what is msft getting? bust deal. i wish balmer would explain it so that i would understand.

i’m not sure what we are even buying… is it hardcore yahoo users or just people who have yahoo set to their homepage?

its a little sketch

if we end up buying them, get flickr and f’ it up i will be pissed… there are certain things that should be left alone… flickr is a prime example. i picture microsoft rebranding flickr Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Online v2.0. cringing.

should we even buy yahoo… i think it’s a mistake. i really hope there is some key information i am missing / don’t understand about this deal. what are we getting that we don’t have or can’t win / create ourselves?

fyi yahoo doesn’t want the deal and their top employees have already left the company… its a little late guys

do we really still think they are still worth $33 / share?

how about $20 / share and a prime card?

that sounds more money to me

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