thats the way you gotta be

being never satisfied encourages constant improvement

for example if people were happy with one launch to the outerspace… just like a single successful rocket

where would the space program /satellite/ directv / etc be right now?

point is, people are never happy with the status quo

it can always be better

why is it that instinctive human drive is to make things better

keep improving

of course you can apply this to the whole human race or an individual

the difference is humankind has X amount of years to keep improving

you only have about 100 years

so you need to know when to call it

that’s good enough for now

lets apply it to something simple like

amount of work / effort you put into a report no one will read

is that worth 100 – that effort = your already dwindilingy time left on earth

you need to decide when enough is enough

and also at the same time never be satisfied

knowing how to get there quickly without ever being satisfied is a way to encourge constant quick, small improvments instead of long, big improvements

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