we need a full revamp of teaching.

we are smart. we do this with the existing system in place.

build up infrastructure, people and system. then we retire the old system.

imagine we set up side-by-side schools with full staff… side by side means there is the public school system (which we are looking to reform) and we build new schools (or revamp existing) and hire new administration, new rules, huge pay increases, incentives, bonuses, but definitely no more fucking tenor.

teachers should be competing. not relaxing. they are raising our children.

seriously! why should some shitty teacher get to present powerpoints to your kids and call that teaching?

tenor for teachers? is anyone for keeping around doctors who kill patients? no. why should we let bad teachers hang around and kill the future leaders of our country?

high paying. high demanding. this is what we need for people to teach ourĀ children.



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