do you not know about this website yet?

great site.

it aggregates all your different bank accounts and credit cards into one place

it seems a little sketchy at first… you have to give them your online bank account passwords so they can auto-download your account info

good news… i’ve done the research and analysis for you

mint doesn’t store your username/password, they have a third party called yodlee which does that. they also do it for major banks like bank of america so they’re pretty legit.

its still a little sketch but when you think about it, what can someone do with your account statements? not much.

so if got hacked, all they’d get is your account statements… not bank account passwords. that makes me feel a bit better.

big fan overall, it makes managing your money much easier. quicken / money / desktop applications all kind of sucked (i tried them all) plus having it available on the web means you can access it from anywhere, not just your home pc where you have quicken installed.

there is always security / convenience tradeoffs in life.

you can have a million locks but if you have to always lock/unlock all of them at a certain point it becomes unmanagable. in this case you’re protecting your account statements. big whoop i say and is awesome.

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