minimize user input, but maximize the output

for example… uploaded picture = an action. you need a way to make people want to input

like why would i waste my time doing this type thing… unless you get something back

from the receiver of input you should strive to maximize what you can “capture” from that input. user input should be as easy and efficient as possible without sacrificing for spam and automation systems.

but if a user uploads a picture what can you do, just as an example. a user action into many more useful outputs:

  • thumbnail size photo
  • extract metadata
  • date / time
  • gps location
  • map overlay
  • other photos that were taken close by overlap
  • identify people / items in the photos
  • taggable
  • commentable
  • linkable
  • etc…
a lot of things from just one user input. maximize user input is a key of a successful product.

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