microsoft loves GUIDs

i think it’s pretty interesting how much msft products use guids. (ps guids are number/letter combos (picture like cd keys) that are extremely unique identifiers)

it is a very clever thing to use.

the odds of having two guids that match is like 1 in a thousand billion. (really)

pretty good odds.

i mean its like the typical id (int) …. but it’s unique across any and all systems.

with an id (int): 1 you’ll could possibly hit conflicts

with a guid… you’ll never have a collision

too bad guids are so fucking long and ugly.


c’mon guids

i like how you’re unique and everything but couldnt you be like a little less sore on the eyes?

you’re like eye herpes

why can you be like:


this is a large improvement

are we clear



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