i havent had a nice post in a while… something just occured to me to discuss in detail though

joke piggy backing

let me explain what i mean but you can probably tell from the name

say a co-worker makes a jokes, it goes over well (in a group persay) and then you make a even bigger joke on top of or in addition to the first joke (aka piggy back on the joke) sometimes even at the expense of that co-worker…

is that encouraged? discouraged? how much embarrassment are you willing to throw at a co-worker for a funny, cutting, sarcastic remark at how stupid their joke was…

“Hey Frank… wake me up when we get there. i’m gonna snort some of that glue you gave me…” (gets bigs laughs obviously…)

you know… joke piggy backing

anyways lets observe the two sides of this situation


  • someone else feels recognized for commenting on their joke


  • someone who feels like a sneak stole their joke

i would say to those CON people… those unsatisfied pigs,

i bet you never thought about the pig in piggyback before did you?

oh there’s a pig alright… that phrase piggyback didn’t evolve from nothing

the bunt of the joke… ouch.

and you’re also a gross fat hog

well… anyway…

the whole point is that

that they should try to re-piggyback on the jokster…

ya know, teach him whos pig


anyways i dont think i had a reason to bring this all up other than the fact i wanted to bring to light the phrase “joke piggy backing” as a welcome addition to anyone’s nice vernacular


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