internet, please, i beg you, mirror everything

only true internet = self contained

mirror all content

we the people, simply cannot rely on government nor others to help protect freedom of speech. these items are in many ways freedom of speech, dispite what so called “copy infringement” they might have.

let’s say you have a blog on the internet. (check)

you write a post an link to a hilarious video on youtube (check)

youtube removes the post due to a “copyright infringement” (check)

your blog post loses context and value, thus discrediting a legitimate share able experience

there is absolutely 100% a first amendment right to copy and post a video, music or document when you are reporting on the story of reporting on the story.

all video, music, images, text… do not rely on source!!! mirrors should be allowed to exist.

we need the ability to copy information to ensure the message is able to be transmitted.

transmitting the information has never been the problem. the issue is “pirating” content… no, you are just extending the user base. here is an example…

i would argue that this blog post, which referenced content that was once available on youtube, linking to the video (such as showing a vhs recording to a friend) would constitstue fair use. now that the video on youtube has been removed, my blog post doesn’t really have any context.

call me crazy but i think we have a first amendment right to show what we see to others?!? i mean really, if i view this content my eyes are supposed to give money back? wtf?

the industry needs to think of content differently in the digital age and it seems like the current approach only splinters the ecosystem further. we need to find a means between ourselves to get paid (where payment is due) and get recognition where that is due. i think the industry acting like piracy doesnt help their own cause at all is a little bit like the blind leading the blind… as my buddy bdog would say.

any blog post i have going forward i will link to the content and save it locally… aka mirror. i think it is fair use. i’ve seen too many of my old posts lose context. should some company think otherwise, i am always willing to listen but i will work with my lawyer and use this first amendment protection argument as a starter for our case.

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