lucy is station on xm radio.

i really should have done this a long time ago.

let me sell YOU on xm.

k tons of music channels with no commercials. its like making a mix cd that never ends and the songs roll into each other.

plus tons of sports, talk shows, comedy shows, news shows, etc… stock ticker even.

and you can stream all the xm radio stations over the net (included in the subscription plan)

if you’ve ever used shoutcast streaming radio its like that, on crack. great.

the receiver is super cool too:

  • you can pause for up to 30 minutes, or rewind and re-listen to a song
  • put in your favorite artists / songs and when they come on it beeps and asks if you want to listen to whatever song it is
  • there’s a remember button you can press when a songs on that you like… it saves the artist / song info for later


only cost $50 for the receiver + car kit (there’s also a 20 rebate) and then i found promo code XMSCION03 = 3 free months + no activation fee.

and apparently you can keep using this code repeatedly. some guy claims he’s never paid for XM in over a year.

big fan. big fan.

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