haha. hahahahahaha.

what does that mean to different people. its difficult online to gauge laughing responses.


laugh out loud. ok but people throw out lols for everything. its not a “real life laugh out loud” which is what it’s supposed to be.

here is my scale of laugh levels developed circa ’98 with a friend:

  • Level 1:haha
    • Smile
  • Level 2: hahahaha
    • 1 Chuckle
  • Level 3: lol
    • 2-3 Chuckles w/ continuous smile
  • Level 4: lol2
    • Short loss of breath from laughter, pains in stomach
  • Level 5: lol2.5
    • Almost crying. Starting to have extreme difficulty breathing.
  • Level 5: lol3
    • Crying. The ultimate laugh.

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