gayspace vs facebook (this article is not biased)


update for older people

kids today like to do “social networking” (which is a stupid word that i hate) but basically it just means people gossip, share pictures, and message friends online

the two main ones people use are and

i kinda boycotted both services for a while but eventually it just seemed like i was out of the loop if i wasnt on any of these so i started a myspace thing like a year ago

myspace is wicked ghetto. the site design is so shitty and annoying.

they haven’t even added any new shit or fixed any of their problems in like 5 years. they suck. what the fuck are they doing with all the money?

anyway facebook is actually a pretty cool service

myspace might as well be with a different name. facebook is different because there’s alot more shit you can do. tag people in photos and then see all the pictures you’re in (even ones you didnt take or upload)

its just better. the people that made facebook actually use it. the people that made myspace are on a fucking yacht in the bahamas

i’m pretty sold on facebook at this point. myspace is a bust i think.

a little history is that facebook used to be only people with college email accounts (ie you went to college) whereas myspace was for people that didn’t go to college but now facebook is open to everyone.

i think that was actually a great move… unintended but it worked out great for facebook.

build a very solid base first and then expand. google did that with gmail and it worked awesome but they fucked it up with (google’s myspace/facebook attempt)

also there’s tons of creepy ass old dude on myspace, not the case on facebook (or at least not yet)

i could keep fucking rambling but the bottom line is if you’re 18-30 you should be on facebook. (age range subject to change when i hit 30 (we’ll see how it goes and then re-evaulate (you’re thinking he can’t do another set of (parenthesis can he? ))))

(fuck yes)

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