double joke usage (dju syndrome)

say you try some joke on just one person and it wins them over big time.


since it performed well, you most likely will re-use that joke again with a larger crowd to reap fuller benefits.

this is a known as: double joke usage (dju syndrome)

now if you reuse the same joke on the original test person again with the larger group, it creates a dilemma.

does the tester

  1. call you out on the double joke usage?
    1. embarrassing you in front of the large group
  2. does he give the same joke he’s already heard another, good, belly laugh, and to you a wink?
    1. you’ll owe him for that. next time you better laugh a little extra hard at one of his bust jokes.

all in all, it is good practice to try to keep this type of issue to a minimum so either avoid dju syndrome or don’t double use on the tester. then its a victimless crime. 😉

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