l3rendyn (11:12:22 PM): did you do the default?
l3rendyn (11:12:23 PM): 1 min
mr terry silver (11:12:25 PM): yeah
l3rendyn (11:12:25 PM): zebra
l3rendyn (11:12:27 PM): wpm?
mr terry silver (11:12:35 PM): 1 wpm… but the encanted typewriter story
l3rendyn (11:12:47 PM): lol
mr terry silver (11:12:54 PM): what?
l3rendyn (11:12:55 PM): enchanted typewriter story
mr terry silver (11:13:02 PM): lol sounded intriguing
l3rendyn (11:13:04 PM): you butchered that
mr terry silver (11:13:09 PM): hey
mr terry silver (11:13:13 PM): i crushed intriguing
l3rendyn (11:13:15 PM): lol

typing tests.

try the test: http://typingtest.com/

i got:
Net Speed: 69 WPM
Accuracy: 97%
Gross Speed: 71 WPM

brendyn fucking crushed it:

Net Speed: 106 WPM
Accuracy: 100%
Gross Speed: 106 WPM

oh and let me recommend the enchanted typewriter story for your timed test… a great twist at the end!

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