derek jeter. future all time hit leader?

i just realized this.

derek jeter has 2213 hits so far in his career. he is 32 years old.

let’s say he plays until he’s 42 so he has 10 years left to play assuming no bad injuries. yeah i’m assuming that.

jeter has AVERAGED 208 hits per 162 ABs games in his career. wow.

so let’s be conservative and say he averages 190 hits a season for the next 10 years.

190 * 10 = 1900 new hits + 2213 hits already = 4113 hits career.

the all time hits leaders are:

Rank Player (age) Hits Bats
1. Pete Rose# 4256 B
2. Ty Cobb+* 4189 L
3. Hank Aaron+ 3771 R
4. Stan Musial+* 3630 L
5. Tris Speaker+* 3514 L

that would put jeter in 3rd place on the list. what if he plays until he’s 45?

he’d have 4493 hits career making him number one on the list.

he’s going to be a legend.

3 thoughts on “derek jeter. future all time hit leader?

  1. many players would be projectively on pace for records, the elephant in the room is that players start playing worse into their mid thirties…

    i think its great that he’s scooping up yankee records. Who knew the yanks had six legends and a bunch of dads in uniforms.

  2. “jeter has AVERAGED 208 hits per 162 ABs in his career. wow.”

    Wow indeed, more hits than ABs is quite an accomplishment.

  3. errr 162 games. you know what i meant.

    lol a bunch of dads in uniforms… like mattingly, bowa, etc…

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