Curl login api for google

During my attempts to make a login system for google i found thru research and dev that google does some weird cookie stuff and it makes it a bit tougher to script the login when say you’re using a system like php + curl scripting libraries.

Im guessing its done purposely to make automated logins more hard to do (which is kind of ironic because thats exactly what im trying to do)

With the intention to raise the bar and make it more difficult to avoid spammers creating accounts and so on… but i figured it out 18 hours later having needed a toolkit of forensic apps including wireshark, fiddler and lots of php and regex tweaking…

and eventually you have yourself an automatic login system for google 😉

Damnit i am such a nerd haha. But fun stuff to tinker and try to follow the packet flow / http headers and what not. Fun to see it in action so to speak.

“Oh no you didnt!!!”

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