cliff notes for 2004 alcs yankees vs red sox

just watched a great recap of the 2004 alcs of yanks vs red sox… the year where sox came back from down 0-3 and won the whole thing. i was at game seven. damnit. but ok sox fans you get that. we have had plenty of those.

my cliff notes after watching the series:

  • Ortiz was insane. He was also jacked up on steroids.
  • Arod did a hilarious glove slap at first base.
  • Umpires reveresed the safe call and then people were throwing things on the field (embarassing)… swat team, etc..
  • Would would have thought a key guy would turn out to be that fast little fucker Dave Roberts. He wouldnt be on your fantasty baseball team.
  • Rubin Sierra? Damnit. Kevin Brown sucks. Different team than the yanks in 2003. (when we made pedro our daddy)
  • Pedro is a little bitch. Arod was a little bitch (he’s much more mature now). with those two there was a lot of drama (and talking shit). Made for some good times.

i was at game 7 in new york with my brother. sucked that we lost but was an awesome atmosphere and i figure with 27 world championships we can “spread the wealth” around a little bit. its only fair.

Game Summary 2004 ALCS
New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Boston wins the series, 4–3.

Game Date Score Location Time Attendance
1 October 12 Boston Red Sox – 7, New York Yankees – 10 Yankee Stadium (I) 3:20 56,135[20]
2 October 13 Boston Red Sox – 1, New York Yankees – 3 Yankee Stadium (I) 3:15 56,136[21]
3 October 16 New York Yankees – 19, Boston Red Sox – 8 Fenway Park 4:20 35,126[22]
4 October 17 New York Yankees – 4, Boston Red Sox – 6 (12 innings) Fenway Park 5:02 34,826[23]
5 October 18 New York Yankees – 4, Boston Red Sox – 5 (14 innings) Fenway Park 5:49 35,120[15]
6 October 19 Boston Red Sox – 4, New York Yankees – 2 Yankee Stadium (I) 3:50 56,128[24]
7 October 20 Boston Red Sox – 10, New York Yankees – 3 Yankee Stadium (I) 3:31 56,129[25]

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