bing… connect with facebook

i think bing is a good start but i’d like to see more

a good example would be connect with facebook intergration

sure we have live id accounts already but there is a strong facebook audience that could be targeted…

we should be federating with facebook and lock up some deals.. partner with them.

facebook users = young, savvy people with gmail accounts.

myspace users = trailer trash

hey sorry, i said it. 😉

you can poach ’em right from under google’s nose if you do it right

do what?

well bing does a few things i think are good improvments over past attempts at a search engine

  • fairly clean, rotating wallpaper with wiki-tid-bits is pretty slick. seems simple but you’d be amazed how many ladies love it and will switch search engines just for that!
  • i think the travel integration / monetization is a great idea. find people good deals / prediction engine on flights (buy now or wait) makes me want to use the service
  • decision engine is a great model to be driving towards. i really like that.

so the question is what is a good way to encourage facebook users to use bing? and connect bing with facebook?

for example…

say tracking if someone shops off of bing shopping and posted in their feed how much they saved (if they saved with a coupon or something they’d want to share)

obviously this should be a pretty good bing addon service and actually find people good deals… pre-req 😉

just a thought… i just think right now that facebook has the audience to capture…

the question is what is the right way to do ti?

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