are you guys having an after party?

funny thing to ask someone.

why you ask? well…

in implies you dont want to go to the primary party… you just want to show up later for free drinks.

also implies you have limited interest in a person, which is smug and kind of funny

i heard a hilarious thing today. i’m going to take the liberty of paraphrasing a bit but it was something like this:

“when people piss me off i show them that i don’t give a fuck about them by calling them the wrong name on purpose.”

that is a good point. pretty funny and disrespectful to call someone by a name that is intentionally wrong / disrespectful.

lets say you called billy … buck fuck


“was that too far?”

“i think we both know it was”… alec baldwin you dog!

wtf yankees… you fucked up this year… not as bad as the red sox thankfully (LOL!) but still WTF

arod wtf? why should we keep you? too many chances, not enough prime time execution

but i digress



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